Please take the short survey!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, January 07, 2009 |

Hey guys! It's another sleepless night right being 5 after 6 in the morning...and, i'm half asleep at the keyboard, while the other half of me is high on caffeine oO

I have added a new banner to the right hand menu (after moving some stuff around)....about taking a short survey about the podcast! Here's a little info directly from the website for the survey that you should know about!

These free web-based surveys for your podcast have been developed and analyzed by the advertising and research professionals at Podtrac, Mediamark Inc. (MRI), and Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS). TNS is the largest custom research organization in the world, and MRI is the country's leading provider of magazine audience and multimedia research data for publishers, agencies and advertisers.

The Standard Podtrac Standard Audience Survey consists of 40 questions and takes approximately ten minutes to complete (a typical length for a research survey of this type). The Podtrac Survey offers users the option of joining the Podtrac Audience Panel. This opt-in program gives us the opportunity to ask follow-up questions about purchase profiles and podcast listening/viewing habits.

I see none of the information that you provide, nor is it sold to anybody. The only info i see is a brief summary of response's after a certain amount of people take it.

So, please take the survey! I only have 2 response's from it so far! lol.