Episode 111: Nothing Is Ever What It Seems

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, February 07, 2009 | ,

This is the first of 2 brand new episodes this weekend! Episode 111 features new music that has been added the past month - including new stuff from Elise Estrada, Fall Out Boy, Forty Foot Echo, Bo Burnham and many more - including older stuff that's been recently cleared for the podcast.

Also - there's some new things going down at the site! A new review for Elise Estrada's new Self-Titled CD is up! So, if you've been thinking about getting it, go check out the crappily done review! And, in the next week, there will be a new chat room powered by Meebo that will be added! I'm just contemplating on how i want to go about it - though, it will be live sometime next week!

And, talking about convenience, there is also a digsby widget on the site that will allow you to send me a message directly and talk to me! No installing! And, it's Instant! So, if you've been holding off to send me an email - now, you can IM me!

Don't forget to take the short survey on the site as well! All to make things better for ya - so, go to the website, and in the menu, you'll see a banner below the "Listen now" button to take the survey! Just click it, and you'll be directed to the site that serves it. All information is kept confidential - i don't even see it!

Stay tuned tonight for the next new episode which will go "Old School" - based on BPM's instead tonight, as i'm giving that a test spin! So, let me know what ya think :)