Elise Estrada: Self-Titled CD Review

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, February 06, 2009 |

The stunning debut from the Canadian pop singer is a brilliant piece of work. Originally born in Marikina City, Philippines - she is a former contestant of Pinoy Pop Superstar...which she made her debut on in 2006. Not hard to imagine that she's also a former beauty queen - she held the title of Miss Vancouver in 2004, and she was also first runner-up in the Binibining Pilipinas World of Canada Competition.

In September of 2008 however, she released her self-titled debut on with RockStar Media Corp. And, has had success since. It's no wonder why after listening to the CD. From her body banging beats to heart breaking ballads - she proves she's here to stay, and is a top competor.

The album opens up with "UnLove You" - a sort of soulful ballad mixed with an upbeat...beat...mixed with deep lyrics. There a LOT of "Un" words in this song. "Unfair", "Unreal", "Unjust" - but, it all makes for a song with some meaning. I have a tendency to not get song lyrics...so, i'm not even gonna try to do this justice. That's not what i'm here for. But, her voice just shines in this song, and, although the song isn't that "Bangin'" yet - it does set the tone for the record. This was her third single, and the first of 2008 for her - and, it only topped 11? Geeze!

"Insatiable", track 2 from the album, and her very first single. Another surprise that it only topped #44 on the Canadian charts. I remember when i worked at the bar i did, that this was was played. Overplayed actually. But, it still is really awesome! It's got a good beat, and her voice still shines through on this track. It's one of those songs that can instantly get stuck in your head and stay there for a really long time. Way to go for making this her first single in 2007, and then making us wait for the album! lol. But, the first 2 tracks are awesome - and, shows that Elise can do soulful, and....dance-y. (I know that isn't a word, but, let's pretend...ok? :)

Ok, track 3, "One Last Time" kind of reminds me of that song Ne-Yo did..."So Sick" - it's got the same beat and everything by the sounds of it...just new lyrics, and Elise's angelic voice. Once you get into the song though...it's not a clone of the song. Just the start of it. Another song that i can read, but...can't find the words to explain it - so, i'll let the lyrics do it for me. "but I just cant make you love me/and it burns my heart/that you don't feel the flame/no I just cant make you love me/so hold me like you mean it/and i'll pretend you feel it/one last time"

One more in order, then, we're gonna skip ahead - cause, honestly....how many times can a bad reviewer say the same thing? Don't answer that....

Track 4 - "Poison"....wow...another awesome power-pop dance number. And, her first Single release of 2009! I'm anxious to see how this plays on the charts in Canada once i get through playing it! Especially since all my shows are archived. This is one of the songs that i can actually put into words - so, let's try that now, shall we? "My heart is racing/My skin is burning up/Hands are shaking/But still can't get enough" Lust. It's kind of like...first glance, and that's what ya go through when ya lock eyes. Lust...prob'ly not the best choice in words...haha. Oh well! Ohhh...i just heard panting! Wow...now, if THAT doesn't give it away - i dunno what will. But...this is an awesome song that (Does best voice here) Pump...YOU UP! lol. Close my eyes, and i can see the drummer in the background...and, is it wrong that i can see the video for this song? Maybe it's cause i'm a guy with a totally demented brain. But, that's neither here, nor there!

Track 6, "Just Want You" - another power-pop song. It's got that whole kind of 80s feel to it for some reason - maybe it's just me...maybe it's just cause it's 1am. Whatever it is, it's good. First time in awhile that i've even heard something like "I don't want your Doe-Rae-Me" stuff in a song. But, i feel a kind of...tension....and...desire in this song as well. The added touch of a guy doing a rap after the 3rd verse...i think...is a nice touch as well. Sure, it takes the focus off Elise for a minute or so...but, yeaaaa.

Finally - track 10, "Ix-Nay" ...i really don't know how to classify this song other than...different. But, in a good way. It's got an awesome beat to this. It's one of those songs that you can totally sing to, and has a catchy hook to it as well. When i first heard this song, it was...weird to say the least. Not often do ya hear a song start off with "I don't mean to be the kitty in the middle". Those of you who think Elise isn't different from other pop acts...that 1 line just sums up that you're WRONG! And, how often do ya hear the word "Onomatopoeia" in a song either. Ya know...that's actually a good way to describe this song - "the use of imitative and naturally suggestive words for rhetorical effect"

Yea...so much for getting back to "the way i used to review" oO

I can't say this any better though. The CD is awesome! The only thing i have to say is that the flow for this album seems to be....distant. It goes Slow Song, Dance number...soulful song...power-pop beat..and that's it. It coulda been flowed a little better. So, yea, it's a good CD to put on shuffle mode, as you won't be breaking the "Flow" for the album. However, it does showcase the talent she has. An angelic voice, meaningful songs and deep lyrics. She's not just one of those chicks that some labels have been known to "mass produce". She's her own, and she showcases it.

This CD is definately a buy it for me! But, hey! Judge for yourself below! Listen to the samples, and then go buy it if you like her. She's an awesome contender up there with Nelly Furtado...and, they're both gonna have long careers.

More on Elise can be found @: http://www.rockstarmusiccorp.com/elise/ , http://www.imeem.com/artists/elise_estrada/ and http://www.myspace.com/eliseestrada

You can also purchase the album @ iTunes Canada by clicking on the iTunes banner to the right!