New Music for the Week of February 23, 2009

Posted by ToxicDoom | Sunday, February 22, 2009 | ,

I so can't believe it's Monday already! Seems like i'm a day behind in everything. Ahhh....the joys of coming over a cold i tell ya! Oh boy, could i rant about that!


Ya know what? I think before i go into the list of achievements i've done today alone, i will rant about being sick! Cause, how often do we dig into my personal life on here? Not often. Gotta connect some way or the other...and, test if my stupid feedburner thing is working, or if i have to replace it all together lol.

Well, it all began on Tuesday last week (Which would make that the 17th) My bro, this chick he was trying to hook up with, our other friend, Santana, who we've known since...God...a long damn time, i'll put it that way. When ya can't remember how long it's been, ya know it's been a long time. And, then of course me. Oh yea, and i forgot to mention that this chick my brother was trying to get with has a sister...and, she was also down here. With her boyfriend.

But, to begin the night, it was just me and Brittany (the chick my bro was trying to get with) - so, we decided we didn't wanna get bored waiting for everyone to show up, so we started playin' drinkin' games...and....blazing some stuff up oO Brittany's sis gets here with her boyfriend, and so does Santana. does my bro about an hour later. Yea...way to go bro! lol.

So, i'm half boozed up, and the other half is...smoked up...when outta nowhere, brittany says "oh yea, i forgot to mention, i'm sick"

GREAT!!! LOVELY!!! Just what i need!! another cold!

i didn't think too much of it at the time, cause i'm looped, we're all having fun. We're trying to get drunk and high....all while playing burnout on the 360 and listening to music. Gotta say though that i got Brit hooked on some of the podcast music (Elise Estrada comes to mind...and, a few rock bands like Default, nickelback, Theory of a deadman)

So, that wasn't it though. Tuesday we drank. Thursday we drank. Thursday kinda sucked though, cause i just had to open my big fat mouth, and stick my foot so far down there, i'm surprised i was able to locate it and pull it out. Well...more like, leave it there to pass out with. So, i don't think we'll be seeing Brittany again for awhile. It's a damn shame too, cause she seems like a really nice person - i wanna at least pay her back for the booze i drank off her those 2, she should come down tomorrow or tuesday...and, then i'll pay her back with MORE BOOZE! Damn right!

So, i've been walking around with a flu for the better part of a week....and, it's almost gone. It's still in my throat, and my sinuses - but, i'll live. I was poppin' the NyQuil back like it was Eggnog lol. That stuff rocks! The only thing that really tastes like it's lol. Green Fuckin' Death. Everything Denis Leary and Lewis black say about it is true!

Then to top it off i had to babysit for 2 hours lastnight. Not bad, seeing as how the kid never woke up once. I prob'ly jinxed them too. I was all like "Yea, you watch....i'll leave, and he'll wake up and won't be able to sleep" - she hasn't told me if that's what happened, i doubt it. But, i got $10 for a pack of smokes...all good! :D


Now, on to the new music that has been added to the podcast this week! There might be a repeat in here or 2, because i don't know if i've thrown 'em in with the mix yet...but, yea. Also, i do wanna point out that i removed some bands and artists that aren't really "Fitting" with my music style. I'm trying to stay in the pop/rock/rap elements of things...and, not go far off from there. So, Jazz did get removed (Diana Krall, Matt Dusk and Michael Buble - just to name a few) But, i have added to the collection.

  • Dala
  • Black Stone Cherry
  • Brokencyde (Very Similar to Hollywood Undead meets Lil Wayne)
  • The Classic Crime
  • David Gray
  • Innerpartysystem
  • The Lonely Planet (haha...yea, Andy Samberg's band made it to the podcast)
  • Prozzäk (Think: Simon and Milo - the cartoon character's..haven't seen them since 2003, which is kind of depressing)
  • Semisonic
  • Tickle Me Pink
  • White Lies
And before i forget, i wanna take this chance to welcome on board another player in the Canadian music scene. MapleMusic Recordings These guys handle well known acts such as David well as some of the other ones i've added this week, and will continue to add. David Gray and Dala are the first 2 to make the cut from MMR. So, a big thank you to those guys for supporting the podcast!