Update on everything new

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, February 06, 2009 | ,

Hey guys! Just a quick update before my bro gets here! I promised a few days ago about the review, the new episodes...etc. Those will be posted tonight - so, don't fret! I have been working on the Elise Estrada review for a few days now. I only want it to be Perfect as, i wanna return to the days when my CD reviews actually meant something.

As for the new episode - that will also be up tonight before midnight. I'm working hard on a "perfect" playlist (I'm beginning to use that word way too often oO)

Lastly - i'm thinking about adding a Meebo chat room! I figure that it's about time i jumped on this whole web 2.0 thing - hence why there's a digsby widget now. Yes, for all of you people who want to contact me, even for the smallest thing - can now do so without having to sign up for anything! It's just as simple as putting your text in the "Chat bubble", and hitting enter! I've always got Digsby running...for the most part - but, i'm not always "online". If i don't answer, don't take it personal! I'll still get the message!

And, about the chat room. When i do post it...it'll prob'ly be dead for a short period of time. Nobody's fooling me - i know who all you people are that don't wanna talk to me! lol. But, the more people that know about it, the less chance of it being dead, Right? My whole point is USE IT!!!

Anyways...the next post ya see from me will be in about an hour or 2...and, that'll be the review! So, stay tuned...and, don't forget to sign up for updates to the feed on the right...as well as taking the short survey! Geeze, i took down the paypal thing - so, that's the least ya can do for me :P