2009 JUNO Awards! Part 2

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Yea, i promised part 2 yesterday....I KNOW! lol. But, i got so busy, i totally spaced out about it. And, it also doesn't help when you're smokin' pot lol. Since the JUNO's air live in 2 and a half hours @ 6pm MT/5pm PT, i should finish up this list of my predictions.

Oh yea...before i forget! Divine Brown won an untelevised award. Congrats to her for winning in the R&B/Soul Album of the Year category! For those of you that won awards lastnight, and ya just happen to check my blog....Congrats! I'll have a full list of winners tonight! Chances are that if i'm not helping out with the concert tonight....i'll be doing a live blog. First time in a few years i've done a live blog. There's gonna be tons of edits! :)

Anyways - on with the list!

Artist Of The Year:

  • Bryan Adams

  • City And Colour

  • K.D. Lang

  • Sam Roberts

  • Serena Ryder

Now, this one is tough! They're all worthy of this title. Granted, i'm not so much into k.d. But, that doesn't mean she's not a good song writer and artist. Her sound seems to change a little with every one of her release's though, and she's "grown" a lot over the years. I still remember "Constant Craving"...and, prob'ly one of the few songs i love by her. I haven't had the chance to hear any of her stuff since....a long time ago....so, i can't say much good Or bad about her.

City And Colour. The guy behind this (Dallas Green) came out of Alexisonfire. To come full circle and release an acoustic album is a feat in it's own. It shows his range and what he's capable of. He's a serious contender.

Do i have to say anything about Bryan Adams? He's gone....soft....but, he still kicks ass! I fell in love with him when i heard his Reckless tape (does anyone remember that technology?)....so, yea, it spawned from there. Granted, Room Service probably didn't live up to expectations of others - it did for me. 11 however put him back in the forefront. One of his more "put together" albums.

Sam Roberts...if you want some real Canadian rock - look no further than this band! I dunno what to say really about these guys. It's rock music. Canadian Rock...one of the more pure forms. I got hooked when i first heard "Brother Down"...and, almost 4 years later...it's still an awesome song. Their release's since then have been phenomenal!

Pick: Well....Sam Roberts has a heavy hitting record. They've been in this category twice now...this is the third time. Not only that, but they were also nominated for new artist of the year in 2003, along with an album of the year nomination. Of the 7 prior times they've been nominated, they've won 4 of them. Can they go for 5 of 8? 2 artists can come up and take this from them. Most notably Bryan Adams and City And Colour. Bryan Adams is the one with the streak to touch. Same with K.D Lang. I don't expect Serena to take this, because her album wasn't really that strong (Not to say it was bad...don't put words in my mouth!) I'm going for...City And Colour

Group Of The Year:

  • Great Big Sea

  • Nickelback

  • Simple Plan

  • The Trews

  • Tokyo Police Club

I honestly wish that we had some crappy bands in these here categories! lol. Just because it's getting really tough to pick between these! I guess we'll start with Great Big Sea, eh? They've had an awesome career. 15+ years...and still going strong. And, i can honestly say that i didn't start getting into these guys until i re-heard "Sea Of No Cares" again last year. I think the main reason i got into these guys to start with is my Celtic music background...and, "Newfie" celtic isn't that much different. But, these guys are Canada's answer to Ireland's Corrs...hell, even U2 for that matter. And, their latest release is just another example of how they're gonna be around Canada for a long time to come, and have a really healthy status. They just broke into the U.S. scene of things in 2004 or 2005. Hard to believe.

I've focused on Simple Plan and Nickelback already. So, we know where i stand on them. Let's focus on Tokyo Police Club. I never heard of these guys til the end of last year. But the acoustic and indie side of things drew me to them. I wish i had the chance to listen to more of them...and, to get them on the podcast. But, that's a topic i ain't gonna touch yet! lol.

Pick: It's hard to go against them....so, i'm gonna go for Great Big Sea. Nickelback and Simple Plan...either of them can squeak in there. But, let's hope that GBS will pull it off...again!

New Artist Of The Year:

  • Crystal Schwanda

  • Jessie Ferrell

  • Kreesha Turner

  • Lights

  • Nikki Yanofsky

yea - this is new alright. I've only had the chance to listen to 1 of these chicks. Any idea on who it is? Jesse Ferrell. So, don't ask me why i'm gonna comment on this one. I'd say something about Lights as well, but...with me only hearing 1 of her song's - that's hard for me to "pick apart". However, it's nice to see Jessie on this list! She's absolutely brilliant - both as a songwriter and a singer. She's got the voice of an angel....and, the beauty to match. Seems like Canada is producing alot of Female fronted country...which is always nice to see, because i'm a huge sucker for chick music. Blame everything from Joydrop to Terri Clark...and, Faith Hill to Paramore.

With Jessie's debut album...she sets herself far apart from the other Canadian country act that debuted last year as well - Tara Oram. Weird to see her not on this list, because she belongs here too. Anybody that is into Country music....or, just into discovering new music, and want to taste the world...check out Jessie! There wasn't a downside to her Album...and, just like Adam Gregory's new one...i'm HOOKED!

Pick: We all know who i've gotta go for here lol. But, that's not to say that Lights won't jump in there. Maybe we'll see a chick fight! :O But, i'm gonna check out all these other artists :D

New Group Of The Year:

  • Beast

  • Cancer Bats

  • Crystal Castles

  • Plants & Animals

  • The Stills

Jesus guys! lol. Ya know i love ya for the new artist and group thing....but, if ya expect to have a say in these picks....i need to HEAR them and get hooked on them. I've heard of the Stills and The Cancer Bats. The stills are amazing. Cancer Bats....meh, not for me. I don't listen to much metal...but, they're good if ya like your ears to bleed. I've heard good things about Beast - and, that's gonna be the next CD i pick up in iTunes.

Pick: as much as it pains me to say this - i don't have a real pick for this category. But....ya only bet against The Stills if you're on crack lol. However, Beast could sneak in there (I'm going on the good things i've heard)

Songwriter Of The Year:

  • Alanis Morissette (for 'Not As We', 'Underneath' and 'In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man')

  • City And Colour (Dallas Green) (for: 'Sleeping Sickness')

  • Gordie Sampson (Co-Songwriter: Whitney Duncan/John Shanks, Hillary Lindsey/Steve McEwan, Michael Logan) (for: 'When I Said I Would', 'Just A Dream', 'Davey Jones')

  • Hedley (For: 'Old School', 'For The Nights I Can't Remember', 'Never Too Late')

  • The Midway State (Nathan Ferraro) (For 'Never Again', 'Change For You')

Pick: it's hard to go against Alanis...or, Hedley for that matter. But C&C and The Midway State are both hard contenders for this award as well. I got introduced to Midway after i heard their CD "Holes". Absolutely breath-taking. And Hedley...well, nothing but good things to say for a lead singer that tried out for Canadian Idol...made it a little bit before getting the boot...and, ultimately said "Screw this, i'm gonna make it"...and, formed a band known as Hedley. They're a nice...alternative. haha...that so fits them, too!

I'm going for The Midway State in this one.

Ok - part 3 will be coming up in just a second here...i promise! lol. I wanna post this one before 6pm. And, part 3 will only include the nominees and my picks. Short. Simple. To the point. :)