2009 JUNO Awards!

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Tomorrow's the day, Canada! That's right - March 29 is the day to beat all days in Canadian music, with the JUNO awards being aired LIVE on CTV! So, what better way for me, a hardcore fan of music AND Canada - i'm going to pick my picks for this year's ceremonies.

Disclaimer: I've never done this before lol. So, I'll be shocked if i get any right....and, i'm not doing this cause i know "inside" information - let's hope the JUNO's aren't fixed. But, i've been listening to Canadian music, and the talent that we have this year, and i have to say - it's gonna be tough! And...i'm ONLY doing the predicitons for the live ceremony. Not the awards that are given out today or tomorrow before the show. Where the hell's the fun in that? Nonetheless, on to the picks!

Single Of The Year:

  • Celine Dion: Taking Chances

  • Divine Brown: Lay It On The Line

  • Kardinal Offishall: Dangerous

  • Michael Buble: Lost

  • Nickelback: Gotta Be Somebody

hmm....that's a good guess! They're ALL Awesome! Well...i don't really listen to Celine :) But, she is an outstanding singer, and she's got an awesome voice. Nevermind that all her singles have been catchy...taking chances shouldn't really be the name of the song. Kardinal's latest song is awesome too. It's like....AKON! Geeze...is it just me, or does Akon seem to be in and producing more. Not that it's a bad thing, because he adds an awesome element to the song. They Both do. The vocals are in harmony together...and, it's not "too" rap. Michael Buble. Need i say more? I got hooked after i seen him do "Home" live one day on a show. And, his album's are absolutely for fans of Sinatra. Or, Krall for that matter. Shame she's not in this category....but, that's cause she missed the deadline. And...what do ya honestly have to say about Nickelback? These guys literally put Alberta at the forefront of Rock music. Toronto and Vancouver have Hip-Hop and Rap...Alberta and Winnipeg are ROCK!!! Sure, they've added a more "radio friendly" sound to it....it's still awesome.

Pick: If i could pick what i was gonna do....i'd nominate....Kardinal. Weird for me to go in a hip-hop direction! lol. I love Nickelback...so, they could take it. I could go on and on....but, i think Celine Dion will pull this one off, again.

International Album Of The Year:

  • AC/DC: Black Ice

  • Coldplay: Viva La Vida

  • Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy

  • Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static

  • Metallica: Death Magnetic

haha....i'm actually listening to Metallica right now. How ironic! I either put it on before i started writing....or, i turned it on after i noticed the CD on the list? oO

Anyways....They're all awesome too. Jack Johnson is good for highs....mellow music, always the best! (whoops) lol. But, i don't have the CD right now...so, i couldn't tell ya. AC/DC....one of the Best albums of the year. I thought after a few years, they'd have been stale. But, Black Ice made a believer out of Everyone if they ever had any doubt! Metallica as well. They hadn't done a new CD since "St. Anger"...and, to come out of hiding like that...that's how ya do it!

I'm not even gonna mention GNR. Well, actually....maybe i should. Axl, come the hell on man! I know the original band isn't all there....but, to have us fans wait for 15 bloody years for a crap-tacular loaded CD...is just stupid. Talk about the overpricing pot in the fuckin' kettle. And, to think....we have 2 more of these same things to hear again. Sure, i commend ya on your ability to go...."Astray"...for a bit, and blend a new sound in. But, some of the songs, it was if ya didn't even try. I can picture Axl walkin' in the room and saying "Hey! Let's find a way to half ass this song...and, we'll go get more booze!". That's what it sounds like. Sorry man....but, some of the songs were good....but, some of them just didn't mix well. Hopefully the next 2 albums of the same thing get boring and tiresome. Hopefully ya won't be like how you portrayed yourself on the CD.

Pick: i'm between 2. AC/DC and Metallica. Despite all the file-sharing shit and lawsuits that happened....nothing like suing your fans. I thought when they released "St Anger"....that was a half-assed album. It was good...but, not GREAT. Death Magnetic on the other hand is Kickin'! It's Pounding! It's....ROCKING!!! So...Metallica all the way on this one.

Album Of The Year:

  • Hedley: Famous Last Words

  • The Lost Fingers: Lost In The 80's

  • Nickelback: Dark Horse

  • Simple Plan: Simple Plan

  • Sylvain Cossette: 70's, Volume 2.

Oh wow. Well...3 of them have spectaular CDs. I haven't heard the Lost Fingers. Sylvain Cossette is another one i haven't heard of. Damn, me...actually admitting that i haven't heard of them! lol. There's no pop in here...which is a shame. No country either? Geeze...what the hell?!?! If i can bring back country artists on the podcast, i'm sure they could do something about that. On that note. Nickelback has a well put-together album. They went in the same direction that All The Wrong Reasons did. So, soundwise...it doesn't sound much different. A LOT of radio friendly songs. The lyrical style has sort of changed though. All you have to do is take into account "S.E.X." and "Something In Your Mouth" to know that. However...."If Today Was Your Last Day" shows how passionate these boys are.

Simple Plan. Whoa. That's all i can say is....wow. These guys added a new element to them since their last CD. It's nice to have an "Edge" now. It kind of reminds me of what AFI did when they released "Decemberunderground"....came back with a kind of...pop meets rock meets punk meets power pop and "Emo". They shoulda released "Generation" as their first single. Cause, it's just that damn catchy. But...when ya find "deeper meaning" in how they release songs, it makes sense. The whole album is impactful and deep lyrically. And, to further my case on that..."Save You". They had a campaign up here to promote the video that showed the proceeds of this single from iTunes to donate it to them. I can't remember what it was again though.

Pick: SIMPLE PLAN! SIMPLE PLAN! These guys are amazing, and they deserve it. To write how they wrote the songs, and made the album....They found their...niche. They all have their place in this category, so, either of them can pull this off.

I'll do part 2 of this later....as there's a few categories to go! But...stay tuned! :)