2009 JUNO Coverage - LIVE blog!

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You heard right people! The show has just begun...and, Nickelback is rockin' it with "Something In Your Mouth". Is it just me, or did Chad Kroeger grow his hair out again? lol. Vancouver is PUMPED! The crowd is fantastic....Nickelback is feelin' the energy too. Chad's gettin' into it with the fans, gettin' them more into it. The camera angle they just did showing the crowd - there's gotta be more than 10,000 people packed in there.

Russell Peters is also the host this year - he's always great!

Nickelback just finished with a big fire boom!

hahaha....Russ just came in with this whole India dance thing. Nice to see some heritage mixed in! He's break dancing...hahaha. This is great. And, a nice tropical feel to the set right now. LOL - he just made a comment about the "Grow-op" going on with the stage. I coulda figured that was coming. And, of course, with the 2010 games coming up in Vancouver, he's making drug testing jokes. "They're just goin' to assume that all the athletes are high. Michael Phelps is desprately trying to learn how to snowboard"

Awww....what a cute couple! Diana Krall and Elvis Costello! Bryan Adams sitting right next to 'em...along with Michael Buble and Divine Brown. And, of course - give Russ a hot chick in Divine Brown, and he starts neckin' her

First Juno: Songwriter of the year.

  • Alanis Morissette

  • Nathan Ferraro

  • Gordie Sampson

  • Hedley

  • Dallas Green (City And Colour)

Juno awarded to: DALLAS GREEN Of City and Colour

YAY! First commercial 13 minutes in! Time to go get some Coffee! I'm gonna start putting times with this....and, adjust the game a little bit :)

6:16pm: It's back on! Oh yea, before i forget...if ya want more updates and videos, go to junos.ctv.ca

Sam Roberts is performing on stage. Congrats to you guys for picking up an award for Rock Album of the year during the non-televised awards ceremony. Yea, these guys are the main reason why i love rock! They're awesome live...i'd love to have the chance to see these guys live! Such hooks and catchy lines...not to mention he looks...clean now! lol. oO

6:21pm: Hedley is presenting the award for Group Of The Year

  • Simple Plan

  • The Trews

  • Great Big Sea

  • Tokyo Police Club

  • Nickelback

And the award goes to....Nickelback

6:24pm - what the hell's it gonna take for a band or an artist to thank me in their speaches? lol. Wish i could get some props...but, noooo....i'm small, nobody cares *Cries* Ok - so, one of my picks didn't pay off. I thought Great Big Sea was a shoe-in. But, Nickelback always shine's....so, i'm not let down in any way, cause they're fantastic at what they do - hell, they've been doin' it for almost 14 years now!

My other pick for songwriter of the year didn't happen either. Oh well.

6:29pm: Deborah Cox, Sarah Slean and Kreesha Turner Presenting Rap/R&B Recording of the year

  • Point Blank

  • Famous

  • DL Incognital

  • Kardinal Offishall

  • Decisive

And the JUNO goes To....Kardinal Offishall!

Awww....too bad that Kard is in Europe right now doing his tour leg over there!

6:31pm: Sarah McLachlan performing U Want Me 2. Damn, she's angelic. I'm getting "goosepimples" lol. She looks absolutely stunning too. That diamond ring on her finger is HUGE! lol. She's dancing and swaying as if she's been smokin' some of the set now. And, a major conrats to Sarah for picking up the Humanitarian Award. The name of the thing escaped my head.

That's the only thing with live blogging - it's hard to watch the TV when you're facing the other way. God, the things i do on Sundays i tell ya.

6:40pm: Back from commercials and they're backstage showing michael buble getting pimped out - thinking that he's performing lol. This is showing the whole improv aspect with Russell. Mind ya, they prob'ly wrote it for him.

Ohhhh.....Elise is presenting an award! Hmmm....yummy. Pink dress on Elise.

New Artist Of The Year:

  • Lights

  • Jessie Ferrell

  • Crystal Shawanda

  • Nikki Yanofsky

  • Kreesha Turner

And the award goes to....Lights! Congrats!

6:44pm: New Group of the year, and Alternative album of the year WINNERS - The Stills - are performing! I forgot how good these guys are!

Lights looked good too! Shiny purple dress - you could see her massive tattoo on her back...well, her side lol. But, i liked her choice of words "it's nice to know that someone can create something independently, and have it recognized" that's not word for word...but, the jist of it lol.

Since there's a commercial i need COFFEE! lol. Dallas Green with a special guest will be performing after the break. AND - Loverboy will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame! A huge CONGRATS to Loverboy - they've been doin' this for 20 odd years now...and, i grew up on them and their music. So, it's nice to see another legendary band go into the hall of fame!

6:52pm: Hard to believe that there's only another hour to go, and it's over :( But, so far.....my picks aren't holding up that well, are they? Meh. That's why i'm not a judge.

Dallas green is now performing The Sleeping Sickness....with special guest, Gord Downie of another Canadian legendary band, The Tragically Hip

6:55pm: Is it just me, or can Gord look any more bored? Standin' there just bobbin' his head to Dallas - and, now he's finally singing and not looking so lethargic!

I LOVED Dallas' solo on his guitar. It was only...30 seconds or so....but, damn, he's got skills on the guitar. Such chemistry between Dallas and Gord

6:58pm: Loverboy's music producer - Patrick...something oO...is gonna induct Loverboy into the hall of fame. Long overdue isn't the bloody term for it. But, i know Scott Smith is watchin' this wherever that is - we'll never forget the original bassist! Nice to see that whole video montage they showed with classic footage from American Bandstand days - and, backstage footage and interviews. This band deserves it - they basically put Canadian Arena Rock on the map...and, helped mold the scene of it with Def Leppard, among others!

7:08pm: Another break in the show - another break for me! While i got the time to do this....Let me know what ya think about this whole "Live Blogging" thing! It's been a few years since i've done this...to give ya an idea, the last time i did a live blog was for the 2004 or 2005 MMVA's. Back when Avril Lavigne was still new. So...i hope i'm doing a semi decent job at this. I'll most likely be posting some videos from the highlights of tonight's show. If i can. But, as i mentioned - you can always go to the CTV Juno site at junos.ctv.ca for more than what i can offer :)

7:12pm: Divine Brown, Serena Ryder and Umm....Crystal Shawanda (I think!) they're performing right now.

I think it might be the lights in there....but, Divine's legs are...shining! Like she put vaseline on them oO Weirdddnesss. But, God...she sounds so much like Aretha Franklin that it's....whoa. Nice to see

Serena Ryder took the stage now. She looks wayyyy younger than she is. wow. But, her vocal range is outstanding. She performs live like someone else i know, but forget her name. Stupid me! I can hear the song in my head, and her performing it, but the name escaped me. Nice to see 3 different chicks take on 3 different songs.

7:19pm Juno Fan Choice Award presented by Pepsi This is the ONLY award presented and decided by fans!

  • Hedley

  • Nickelback

  • The Lost Fingers

  • Feist

  • Celine Dion

And the JUNO fan choice goes to....NICKELBACK!

That's 2 awards for Nickelback already tonight! That's pretty damn good i'd Say :)

7:26pm: Simple Plan taking the stage and performing Your Love Is A lie

SP's got a good graphic on the screens! Shattered Glass. Kinda poetic if ya think about it. Gotta love how Pierre substituted "Do you think about me when he fucks you" to "Do you think about me when he Touches you." lol

7:32pm: another break! Bryan Adam's is coming up next....gotta give the Hometown boy of Vancouver get some air time! :)

7:36pm: Russell's talkin to some of the Canadian athletes takin part in 2010's winter games. He made a joke about himself of what he did last year when he went talkin' to the audience. He actually made a "gaffe" when he called a kid gay lol. Yea, always the best to have happen.

I'm not even gonna attempt to name the athlete's that are presenting Bryan Adams to stage lol

7:40pm: Bryan Adams is performing one of his best songs from "11" with Kathleen Edwards - Walk On By. haha...he just laughed and goofed up a part of his song! I think he's smoking a little :) Kathleen is amazing as well - to say the least. A Violin player AND singer. She looks stunning tonight as well. And, a certain kind of chemistry between her and bryan makes me wonder if something's there oO

7:43pm: Jim Cuddy and Feist are presenting the award for Artist of the year

  • Bryan Adams

  • Sam Roberts

  • City And Colour

  • Serena Ryder

  • K.D. Lang

And The award goes to.....SAM ROBERTS!

Damn - i'm soooooo.....Off - to say the least, with my picks! But, if ya think about it, and look a little more closely....i'm still a little more "On" than i make myself out to be, because i somewhat hit the ballpark with my picks :)

7:50pm: Diana Krall and Elvis Costello are on stage now. Diana Krall...God, she's HOT! Presenting Album Of The Year!

  • Nickelback: Dark Horse

  • Simple Plan: Simple Plan

  • Sylvain Cossette: 70’s, Volume 2

  • The Lost Fingers: Lost In The 80’s

  • Hedley: Famous Last Words

And the JUNO Goes To.....NICKELBACK!

Closing out the show tonight....Great Big Sea with Hawksley Workman - doing an awesome rendition of Gallows Pole by Led Zeppelin! Totally amazing with a Celtic and Newfoundland sound to it. These guys are amazing :)

And, that does it for the live blog of the 2009 JUNO awards! I hope you guys enjoyed it....and, some of the highlights from tonight's event will most likely be posted here!