Show And Tell

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, April 03, 2009 | , , , , , ,

showandtellIt's been a few days since my last post...can't believe that one! But, i got some news today about The Birthday Massacre's NEW CD! A Live one to boot! I got the first *Single* of sorts today - Falling Down. I am extremely blown away by the level of quality it is. I was expecting a sort of bootleg copy of a live show that some bands put out that sound...horrible. Not this one. It kinda reminds me of The Eagles and their professionalism when they put out live stuff.

The CD itself drops in May - May 5, 2009 to be exact. It's a combo CD/DVD package...and, was recorded live in Hamburg, Germany in 2007.

This is the set list for the show. It might not be in order on the CD, but, will most likely be done in this order on the DVD.

  1. Video Kid

  2. Lovers End

  3. Goodnight

  4. Falling down

  5. Violet

  6. Red Stars

  7. Looking Glass

  8. Remember Me

  9. Unfamiliar

  10. Walking with Strangers

  11. Weekend

  12. Horror Show

  13. Kill The Lights

  14. Blue

  15. Happy Birthday