Bold Concert Series

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 28, 2009 | , , , , , , , , ,

CBC: Bold LogoThe CBC with it's entertainment channel, Bold brings you a whole new experience in how you experience watching concerts on TV! On Sunday, March 29, 2009 (Go figure, the same day of the Juno awards on CTV in Canada), Bold will air it's first 2 premiere episodes of "The Bold Concert Series" - which will most likely become a staple for Canadian talent, among others! It's got a whole CBC Radio 2 vibe to it, which should be interesting to see.

The first 2 episodes will show at 7pm and 11pm EST, and will showcase 2 different bands. The first band being The Stills and the 2nd one, Two Hours Traffic - both of which are awesome by the way!

The episodes are an hour long - so, it gives them a chance to not only perform, but, get in depth...let's hope they add an interview factor in there.

If you don't live in Canada - you probably won't be able to see these shows - but, then again, ya might. CBC tends to do some border, chances are still there that you'll see them....just not on the same night and time.

You can go to Bold's website to get full information about this and other shows by clicking HERE