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Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, March 11, 2009 |

Wow - am i getting good or what?!?! 20 odd hours up now, and i'm listening to some new adds from Metropolis! Either that....or, i'm hooked beyond anything that anybody could ever grasp. Not like that's a bad thing though....noooo....trust me, i have no social life anyways :)

But, i didn't have to listen to the full CD for me to know i'd love the hell out of these guys! If you like/love Rammstein - wait until this weekend's show when they get unleashed! These guys have a more electroRock/Goth thing goin' on...i wouldn't even know where to begin classifying them. All the better for me. I'll let you guys fight over what they sound like - just post some comments here! But - i can't believe i didn't hear of these guys sooner! They've been HUGE in Germany for quite some time - and, since 2004, they have gone on to release 3 CDs! Their new one being "Sünde", which was released in 2008 in Germany....and, to others....i dunno the exact date!

What i do know however is that the Limited Deluxe Edition will be released in Canada and the U.S on....Yesterday....oO....geeze, i'm so far behind the times! lol. The Limited Deluxe edition comes with 2 bonus remixe's (1 of Alkohol and the other being Kann Denn Liebe Suende Sein?)

They are AWESOME! So - check 'em out! And, make sure ya tune into the podcast this Saturday (March 14) if ya can't get enough!

Here's a little bit of info about the guys behind the magic.

The band's name in translation from German means "Icebreaker". The band's lyrics and slogans often include terms of ice and sailing, such as "Ahoi" (Ahoy) and "Es wird kalt" (It's getting cold). The band's frontman, Alexx Wesselsky, often wears naval and military clothing in performances.

After leaving Megaherz due to creative differences in 2003, Alexx Wesselsky got together with Noel Pix, who composed the synths and programming for Megaherz's albums Himmelfahrt and Kopfschuss.

While the debut album, Eisbrecher, released in early 2004, (featuring a song also named Eisbrecher), had more of an electronic sound, its next release, Antikörper, released in October 2006, had a far heavier, metallic style. However, the band remains true to its roots, and the similarity between albums is not entirely unrecognizable, ensuring the group's identity remains firmly attached to the industrial metal genre. The first 5000 copies of the debut Cd included a blank CD along with permission for purchases to legally copy the music onto the blank. This was done as a protest against what the band felt was a "criminalization" of fans.

A single, "Kann denn Liebe Sünde Sein," from Eisbrecher's as-then-unreleased third album was released on July 18, 2008 in Germany and reached 3rd place on the German Alternative charts. The album Sünde was released on August 22,2008 in Germany and debuted on the German top 20 album charts at the 18th position. The band has performed at (Summer Breeze Open Air,M'era luna & Zita Rock) Festivals. In 2009 the band will perform at the (Amphi festival,Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Castle Rock) festivals

You can check 'em out online @:

Eisbrecher appears courtesy of Metropolis Records