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Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, March 11, 2009 |

I kinda spoiled the surprise lastnight - it didn't become official til this morning though. So, let's just get right into it before i spoil it early like a....well, we'll not even go there, k? Cause i haven't slept all freakin night long - my brain...and my fingers...are ready to say just about anything that pops in my brain first! lol. We'll leave the innuendo up to you!

It is my honour, and a privilage to announce that Metropolis Records has jumped on this podcast ship of mine - and, will be providing the darker feel to the show every week! With great acts like KMFDM, The Birthday Massacre, Eisbrecher and Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound - this show is bound to Poppin' now! And, to finally be able to broadcast these to you guys - the fans! That just takes the icing on the cake!

Do ya need further proof on why Toxic TuneZ is #1 now?

Metropolis Records is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based record label, distributor, and mail-order store specializing in the post-industrial field such as electro-industrial, synthpop, futurepop, darkwave, and gothic musical genres.

Metropolis started business as a retail record store under the name of "Digital Underground." The first few records released under the Metropolis label were actually European imports that were repackaged and released specifically for the US market, with Love Is Colder Than Death's Teignmouth being the label's first official release (MET001). Metropolis began signing acts as a record label in 1995, with groups such as Mentallo and the Fixer, Numb, and Front Line Assembly. It has arranged for its bands to tour together such as Numb and Front Line Assembly together in 1996, and Project Pitchfork and Front 242 in 1998. It also established extensive distribution channels to a variety of commercial channels, providing access to major commercial markets for typically niche-interest groups. By the late 1990s it had become the dominant specialty record label in North America for electro-industrial. Several groups once signed on Wax Trax! Records later released on Metropolis, including Front Line Assembly, Front 242, KMFDM, Doubting Thomas, PIG, Noise Unit and VNV Nation.

In 1999, Metropolis Records purchased a few other electro-industrial and goth focused music labels, including Pendragon Records and 21st Circuitry.

Record labels distributed through Metropolis include A Different Drum, Alfa Matrix, Cleopatra, Nilaihah, KMFDM, Projekt, Sigsaly Transmissions, Strange Ways, DSBP, Vampture, and WTII.

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