Hey Monday, Damone, Flyleaf

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, March 06, 2009 |

Newly added podcast music - more than 3 bands, trust me...let's get on with it and introduce you to the bands that have been newly added this week!

Hey Monday is an American alternative rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida, United States. The band consists of Cassadee Pope (lead vocals), Michael "Jersey" Moriarty (bass guitar), Mike Gentile (lead guitar), Alex Lipshaw (rhythm guitar), Elliot James (drums) and Bobby Nolan (Keyboard)

Their debut album Hold on Tight was released worldwide on October 7th, 2008 via Decaydance and Columbia Records. Their 1st single off the album "Homecoming" was featured on the CitizensFOB mix-tape Welcome To The New Administration. Lead singer Cassadee was also featured in the song "Take My Hand" by The Cab on the mixtape. Cassadee also made an appearance in Fall Out Boy's video "America's Suitehearts"

Hey Monday will also be performing in the Believers Never Die (Part Deux) tour through April and May of 2009, touring with Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, and Metro Station.The band was recently added to the lineup of the 2009 Bamboozle show in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Flyleaf is an alternative rock band, formed in the Belton and Temple, Texas regions in 2000. They performed around the United States in 2003 until releasing their eponymous debut album, Flyleaf, in 2005. The album went platinum after selling more than one million copies. The band won an online poll on yahoo.com and was named Yahoo!'s Who's Next band of the month in March 2006 and they were named MTV's artist of the week on December 24, 2007.

All five members of the band are of the Christian faith. This faith influences their music, but lead singer Lacey Mosley doesn't necessarily believe that makes Flyleaf strictly a Christian band. "We all share the same faith. And so when we deal with the whole 'Christian band thing,' we kind of think about something P.O.D. says, like, 'If you're a Christian, it affects everything in your life. So if you're a plumber, does that make you a Christian plumber?' "

Mosley said. "I don't know the answer. We're a band, it's part of who we are, so it comes out in our music, and it's the fuel for what we do. And finding faith saved my life. So I'm not ashamed of it at all. And most of our album reflects that.

Flyleaf is currently taking a break from touring and are working on their upcoming sophomore album. They are in the process of recording and expect to be done by March or April 2009. The new album is expected to have 12 songs, which will be selected out of the 30 already written. Some of these songs, such as "Again" and "Have We Lost" have been performed live but have never been recorded in a studio. They may appear on the album. Fans have also said"That these songs are amazing

Damone is an American rock band with distinct elements from power pop in their sound. The band originated in Waltham, a city located just west of Boston, Massachusetts, and contains members Noelle LeBlanc (vocals/guitar), Mike Woods (guitar), Vazquez (bass), and Dustin Hengst (Drums)

The band had a song included in the movies Rugrats Go Wild!, Stick It, and Freaky Friday; along with such TV shows as Veronica Mars and Free Ride. Two songs of theirs were also featured on the soundtrack to Project Gotham Racing 2 on Xbox.

The song "Out Here All Night", from the album of the same name, is featured on the Madden NFL 07 soundtrack and the Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam soundtrack. It is also featured on the 2006 "Bionicle: Free the Band" website as well as songs from Over It, Carbon Leaf, Todd Hannigan, and a few others. The song was covered by Candlebox at a July 2006 concert at Avalon in Boston and it was one of the songs from the 2006 WWE Raw Diva Search. It is also featured in the soundtrack of the 2008 remake of George A. Romero's 1985 zombie classic, Day of the Dead.