Newspapers to Expire?

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, March 05, 2009 |

WHeeeeEEEE! oO

Don't ask me why i'm doing a completely random post. I honestly wouldn't know how to answer that one! Yet, I am - so, what better way to amuse myself than to take you all down with me in the boredom ship.

I know, i'm soooo nice! you don't have to thank me.

I'm sitting here, having a smoke - drinking...well, guzzling - my Diet Dr. Pepper, listening to music that i've still gotta decide on for the podcast. Tons of fun. I just finished eating, and watching episodes #142 and #143 of Real Time with Bill Maher. Oh yea, and #140 lol. I've had cable again for 2 weeks, and am loving the Video on Demand. Gotta love how Canada now has HBO - so, that combined with Shaw on Demand is really cool! If i miss an episode of 1 of my's normally on there in a couple of days. I've also fell in love with a new show - In Treatment. Maybe cause i've been shrinked a few times myself...and, the whole psychology behind it and the show is...kind of captivating to watch.

And, from last week's Real Time....i heard something interesting. It turns out that a newspaper in California....San Francisco to be exact - is about ready to "expire" in print form...and, most likely on the internet too.

I'm on a weird side of the fence. I'm a blogger by heart. Granted, i'm probably not entertaining at it...i'm not captivating. Most of my stuff for this blog comes from elsewhere. If it's Canadian...or, Entertainment, it can be found on here. So, that begs the question of...if a few of these newspapers die....what the hell's gonna happen?

Well, 1 of the guests so nicely pointed out that the internet will boom in this culture now. Yea, for the past 10 or 15 years, you've seen the internet really gain popularity in the news and blog side of things. Seems like everywhere ya look, there's someone with a blog ready to give you his...or her...2 cents about something. While some are extraordinary at what they do, and what they write - there's people like me who just....for the lack of a better word...suck lol. We're not captivating...and, don't have much of an audience. And, when we do post comes from some other site, and i just add my 2 cents in....whether that be opinion or not.

So - what's gonna happen when all these newspapers die off? Well - that'll be good for the environment....cause, i swear these newspapers - most of them - are as good as the TONS of phone books we get in the mail. Not to mention all the junk mail. So,'ll cut down on paper and waste. But...the thing i think that's gonna happen now is that these "inexperienced" bloggers....or, what have you - are gonna have to start "Freelancing" people now. That may or may not be such a bad thing. for the better part of when that happens will take a massive....dump. It'll just seem to get crappier and crappier for a few months. But, i think after a few months or so....that people will get "Smart" and "Better" at blogging....paid or not....and, start producing better quality news. Why? Because of the Audience Factor. Which basically means that to hold an attention span of common people, and to keep them coming back - you HAVE to start producing better stuff.

For me....this is kind of an upside. Hell, every blogger for that matter. Bloggers who actually care to get better - and, want to write better. Instead of having posts like....this one....where it's just completely random. Why's it gonna be an upside though? Well....think about it this way.

I'll use my group of bloggers for an example - Podcasters. We normally post blogs about episodes. Sometimes we'll get random and post obscure things. Sometimes we post opinions - and, we want your feedback. And, in my case....i also do reviews for CD' well as new additions to the podcast. How i look at it is IF we get to the point where all these newspapers slowly die kind of does some good. Because, this normal people can maybe take this and make this a business model.

Who knows.

But, until that day gives all of us bloggers a chance to "Hone" on our skills. Did i spell that right? lol. Did i even make any damn sense? oO