New Sound is Here - and, Episode 114 Tomorrow!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, March 02, 2009 | ,

Don't ask why i decided to add an alien to the post this about boredom! Just another fast update for ya guys about the "new sound" of the podcast.

I have gone through round 1 of removing artists and bands. I'm not surprised that i didn't remove that much stuff. What i removed was just a few of the bands that don't quite fit the whole Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop way of things. Trust won't know the difference, as most of what i removed wasn't getting airplay anyways.

However - i did keep the bands that i have established myself with. Bands like The Paperbacks, Mobile, Hayden, The Hospital Bombers and Basia Bulat have all stayed. I did remove a few of the Rap artists that didn't quite fit - not many! Apathy was the only one i removed there. Lastly - country has been removed from the podcast as well. It might make a comeback....but, i haven't had "positive feedback" about country music. If this changes, you'll be the first people to know!

Oh yea...and, i forgot! Classic Canadian rock has also been removed. So, you will not hear anymore Loverboy, April Wine or any more of the like.

The only other thing is that i have decided to remove some of the other bands that have a well established connection with Radio. Mainly Fall Out Boy, Saliva and...ummm....i can't remember! Though, everything that has survived this round will stay put for now....unless you guys have anything to say about it!

The next episode, Show 113 will be up tomorrow - i'm hoping! And, instead of just Goth...i'm also throwing in some Hard Rock, Industrial and Metal! It's gonna be an awesome show - i promise!

Episode 114 will go on as planned - this Saturday. You'll notice the sound of the podcast has changed for the better - and, it will be more...kickass now!

***EDIT*** : haha...i'm so messed up! I meant episode 113 in the title oO
I won't change it now, or google and all of the other search engines won't index it properly. So...yeaaaa.