Tweet Tweet....maybe? lol

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, March 10, 2009 |

Everyone knows what this bird represents. Kind of like if i added the facebook or MySpace logo for that matter. I hate to admit it - but, i'm seriously contemplating entering the world of Tweeting. This comes for many reasons.

First would eliminate the posts of what's new on the blog...sort of. It would basically eliminate the pointless entries where one might say "Why the HELL did ya just write an entry about that?" 140 characters does the job, and does it...sort of well.

Not to worry guys - the tweets would just be short updates. About...what i'm doing for the podcast on a particular day - as well as tweets about new adds. The longer news entries, playlist entries and random stuff will still stay. Basically - if it makes sense to do a post, it'll be here.

I'm still contemplating it though - and, would appreciate some feedback...cause, i still have no idea how i'm gonna use it if i do use it oO

ALSO - on that note....i'm thinking of doing the same thing over at facebook....mind ya, i do have a group over there. But, my thinking is to eliminate that, and enter the "Brave new world" of Pages. So, instead....people can become FANS. Does my logic make sense at....6:20am? lol.

I have all these thoughts running through my head - it feels like a damn 8 lane highway in there - with the horns and semi's goin' off!

OHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHH! (Here's proof how fast my thought process is right now on the Dr. Pepper lol) *Insert blatent advertisement here*

Toxic TuneZ is gonna be featured on the local news station sometime prob'ly next week. Dunno all the details yet. But...yea, it took me by surprise. Got an email from this guy, Mike last Thursday, and i got it Sunday (No thanks to Shaw, of course.) But, he wants to do a feature on me and the podcast! i'm really gonna be an ass who turns that down! So, hopefully with that....the local fan base here in Medicine Hat will increase. And, not only that, but draw some attention to the local bands and artists here who wanna get some focus on them! And...for them...the door is always open....I don't care what kind of genre they are! I say that from my heart - because, though parts of this say the least....the one thing that's been constant is the music scene.

It's because of the local scene as well that i love almost all genres of music. Hell - i used to go to the Jazz fest in Medicine Hat before i went and got....Anti-social....lmao. I swear, the Podcast and various other things....don't give me much time. Even though it started 2 years ago, it still seems like i'm trying to get it off the ground again.

Maybe that's because of all the changes i do with the music lol. But, hopefully the changes are done and made - and, yeaaaaa.

Lastly - before i forget. Yesterday....Well....Monday...whatever. It's not Wednesday til i wake up! Anyways, yesterday, i contacted one of the labels that represents the likes of The Birthday Massacre - Metropolis Records. If they say Yes (Which i'm hoping for) - to help me out with giving me more artists to play....I'll "Secure" so-to-speak....a bit of the Dark/Goth/Metal scene. I've been checking out a few of their artists...and, i LOVE the sound of what's goin' on there. So....let's hope something....that they say yes :)

Anyways - that's it for me for tonight! I will let ya guys know about the situation with Metropolis....hopefully tomorrow!


Later TODAY!