Aloha! From Hell!

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Weird title, I know! lol. But, it kind of fits for this one - seeing as how that's actually the band's name! I'm pleased to announce that these guys made it on to the playlist for the podcast...and, will be another dominant force on the show.

Simple how i got hooked on them - similar artist thing on ...similar to another band i'm hooked on, Paramore - which, by no decision of mine, had to be pulled for the time being.

But, that's another topic for another time....maybe :P

Anyways - thanks to a friend, i got a copy of their CD - which will end up in my collection as soon as i get out of being broke lol. What's hard to imagine is that the lead singer, Vivien-Eileen - is only 16 years old! For her to convey such emotion in every single song on their debut is just...phenomenal!

The oldest in the group is actually Andy. He's 22 on April 28.

You'd think that would normally be a cause for disaster - i can hear it now...."oh no! Not another teen pop group!* All i have to say to that is: You could NOT be any more wrong! If you love Paramore, or Avril Lavigne...this is right up your alley! Here's a little more info about the band I scrounged up.

Aloha From Hell are five young people from the Aschaffenburg/Bavaria area in Germany. From day one Vivi, Moo, Andi, Feli and Max committed themselves completely to rock music. On stage as well as on CD, the exceptionally charming singer Vivi displays a rare talent to mesmerize listeners of all age and musical taste immediately. Sometimes sassy, sometimes romantic, sometimes raucous, sometimes sensitive, but always equipped with compelling choruses, the young singer and her band achieve what so many acts in recent years have tried in vain: they strike a chord in people and they do that convincingly.

Backed by a young, highly talented rhythm unit (consisting of two guitars, bass and drums) Aloha From Hell deliver modern rock music with the undoubted potential for international success. They have the ability to write catchy songs of high quality that really hit the point.

Last year the Alohas deservedly won the “Bandnewcomer Contest”, a competition initiated by Germany’s biggest youth magazine, BRAVO. The victory led to a record deal with SONY BMG - a dream come true for the five youngsters. Aloha From Hell are a committed gang of teenagers who know well that they have to grab the chance they have been given now. For the last year the band rehearsed up to five times a week – an astonishing figure regarding that all the members still have to attend school. Time management is apparently a big issue in their lives: rehearsals in Aschaffenburg, recordings in Berlin, photo shootings in Munich, and the preparation for their first big show (Aloha From Hell played the “BRAVO Supershow” in Nuremberg on the 3rd of May), all these thing have to be fitted into the daily routine of these otherwise ordinary pupils.

Even though nothing has been released yet, there are already Aloha From Hell fan clubs in Spain, France and of course Germany. “This is pure motivation for us”, explains Andy, who plays rhythm guitar. The debut single “Don’t Gimme That” was released in Germany in June. The accompanying video clip was filmed in Berlin and is available on Aloha From Hell’s YouTube.

Moo: “Working in the studio is without a doubt an interesting experience. We learn so many things each day. Promotion is important, too. But I belong on stage, that’s what makes you a rock band, to play live and inspire people. Every member of the band feels like that and that’s why we are currently putting all our energy into the live preparations.”

Be sure about this: Even if the Alohas may be extremely young, they still have the potential to make it big in the music business. They don’t get irritated by the current wave of German bands who sing in German. “We are completely aware that bands like Tokio Hotel, Panik, Killerpilze and also singer LaFee are very popular and extremely successful. Surely they earned this and of course we really respect that. But they are in a completely different world. We are determined to sing in English – we are not able to tell exactly why but we feel very comfortable with that. Our musical heroes are international acts - punk, metal, pop and rock bands. The only criterion is: It has to be good music.”

“We work hard, but we see all the fuss and stress that awaits us very relaxed”, says bass player Max. “Since the formation of the band two years ago we rehearsed intensively to be able to play live. No we have great partners on your side and we are still on target to achieve our main task: We want to enter the stage and never do anything else – just music, music, music!”

Want more info on the band? Check out their official Site!

If you've got MySpace, and wanna friend them - be sure to go the Official one Here