Episode 116 tonight!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, April 25, 2009 | , , ,

My schedule's been whacked to say the least. I just got up again about an hour ago. After going to bed this afternoon @ 1:30. Hey now! I was watching season 1 of Californication! Have to get ready for season 3 this fall, ya know? lol.

So, i'm ready to go at it now! I went to the store, bought this Hardcore Energize Bullet. Wow. Very potent shit i tell ya! I felt like death warmed over when i woke up. Had no energy, was lifeless....now, that's changed - and, i only had 2 gulps lol. Not like i'm gonna down it all in 1 go :)

Anyways, i'm making the playlist for tonight's episode...and, there will be a ton of stuff in there that's been added since the last show!

Post coming when the episode is done, and posted live!