Episode 116 Now LIVE!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, April 25, 2009 | , ,

I screwed up with the title! lol. It's supposed to be Episode 116: Title? What Title? But...i accidentally made it 115...again lol. Blame the tiredness. But, here's the show! I do know that the podtrac player pop-up doesn't work - so, i'll do it one better tonight!

You can use this link to listen to it. If you have FoxyTunes installed, just click the link, and it'll use the MP3 player included. You can also Right click on the link and "Save target as...."

Episode 116: Title? What Title?

Edit: There's a problem with Flash content. So, the player i wanted to embed in here before - won't work. So, the only way to listen to the show right now, other than subscribing, is to use the direct link above to the MP3 file! Hopefully, this problem won't last too long....and, if it does, i'll look into embedding Windows Media Player or something for further releases.