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Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, April 29, 2009 |

It's almost May - so, i figure it's time to...show my face around here again. There's really not that much to talk about right now. I've had a few thoughts, so...why not get into that? :)

I've been thinking about adding Some mainstream music. Not much of it. But, a few bands that i've been getting into hardcore. And, trust me when i say that there will be more independent stuff. Nothing's really changed lol. But, i've been looking...and 30 gigs just isn't a bunch of music. Some of these include Evans Blue and some others - but, nothing like well known "pop" bands. So, no....you won't be hearing Britney or anything anytime soon.

I prob'ly scared some people now! lol.

Anyways.....what else have i been looking into?

Well - i know my podcast player button still doesn't work. I've tried to mod it....but, it just won't go. There's also a problem....at this blog anyways....about embedding flash stuff into the posts. The odeo player i tried to embed the other day, wouldn't work lol. So - i'm looking into something that will...obliterate that. Any videos i post - will be over on the facebook group. So, anything video wise....be sure to check out the facebook!

Ummm....also! I've been wanting to add comedy to the playlist of things since i've been doing this podcast. So, after 3 years....that's not just a pipe dream anymore. I'll be doing shows every now and then that feature comedy. I can do 2 shows a week....if that's what people want. Instead of screwing up the music show. Let me know what ya all think!

And, i'm also thinking of going with another look. This one seems really limited. I can't add what i wanna add....and, do what i wanna do. Plus...nothing wants to work right lol. The colours are alright....but, darker is better. But, it's not just that. I wanna make it stand out more...cause, it's not doin' it's job right! lol.

Anyways - off that topic. People are wondering why i'm not covering anything to do with the swine flu. My 2 cents is this. There's enough....panic out there with people on twitter tweeting all the time. The deaths, the ammount of people...everything. Seriously, people need to calm the hell down for a bit lol. So, instead of me adding to that panic, and all that other shit....yea, you guys won't be hearing about any of that BS on this blog.

So, for the next couple of days....it might be quiet around here. Not just because of that...but, because of...everything in this entry. However...music news, cd info...tour dates....all that other fun stuff - will be on here!

My first new review in awhile is coming soon too! It'll be of The Birthday Massacre's new live CD "Show & Tell" i should have a copy coming sometime next week! So, when i get it...you'll be the first to know about it.

So - that's it for now!