I'm Tweeting!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, April 07, 2009 | , , , ,

The blog's gone through a little bit of changes since lastnight! I like the layout of this....much more improved than over @ blogger. (Yes, Shawn...i left blogger for the time being. Prob'ly won't be back lol. This is the new home.)

Anyways - i did however add Twitter. It's my first time using it...so, i'm like a virgin. In that sense anyways. I hope i get some followers - i don't want it to seem like a waste of space lol. I'd like to find some fellow EFx'ers on there who use it as well!

I will be doing some minor tweaking with the site to still come tonight. Nothing "Major" - i just wanna see if i can do something with the entry boxes (Maybe!) ...and a few minor changes with adding a subscription box up top where it used to be on blogger. As well as trying to make twitter a bit bigger. I'll worry about all that later :)