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It's Thursday today - so, we all know what i meant! That's right! The 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs start today. I figured it's time for me to 'weigh in'...even though i'm not a "pro" at this :P

Look at that, you're my test subjects! lol

I would've done this yesterday...but, i didn't think about it til now for some reason. Plus, i woulda looked stupid typing stuff i didn't know oO. Anyways, i have the matches in front of me now.

Carolina Vs. Boston: know how hard it's gonna be to go against the Bruins this year? They beat that Habs in 4 games! Christ! lol. Most teams can't do that. I blame Montreal for that though. They're the ones that want to get rid of Guy. Not "Guy" lol. haha. So, as for that....the Habs lost 8 or 9 games in a bloody row. That's what happens when ya get that combo of switching a head coach who had shit handled....and, the team re-adjusting....yea, of course it's gonna mess with the game. I don't hate the players...i hate some of the people behind the scenes.

Of course, take into play Boston. Boston's been doing amazing this year! Wow...they're like the Flyers of last year. The flyers put on a horrid season in 2006...came back last year, and proved people wrong. There's your big middle finger in the air for the non-believers. And, after the trade with Thornton to San Jose....and, the hell of a season the Bruins have had this year ...very awesome! Now, those are some "Behind the scenes" guys that make it count! They had awesome picks in the draft...and, am anxious to see what they're gonna do in the off season til October!

I Predict: Boston in 5

Pittsburgh Vs. Washington: This again is gonna be an amazing game! Just as was predicted between the Caps and Rangers in round 1. Need i mention all the regular season games between these 2 teams? Ovechkin for the Caps - Crosby for the Penguins. There are definitely more power monsters on these 2 teams....but, wow. Oh yes...i forgot! Malkin....who the hell can forget him? That's the russian force....when ya have players in a rivaly like that?!?! *Drools*

The Caps came back to force a game 7 between the Rangers in round 1. If that doesn't say anything...i dunno what will! Nobody would've guessed that would've happened. But, they did it. They tied it up in the last 31 seconds of the game. Then, took the lead. Held it til the end! That was a nice moment in sports...another one of those "Wow" moments that ya get to witness every now and then. I mentioned the Flyers earlier. The Caps had a bad record when it came to round 1 playoffs. So, to see them come up and kick the Rangers asses....more specifically Avery. And, that dumbass coach that came from Tampa Bay. Yea, i'm sorry coach - but, if your ass gets booted 1 game....that says a LOT. in, don't open your fuckin' mouth about a player or players. You should know that by Avery. Which is 1 subject i'm so not getting

Trust me...i could if i wanted to lol.

Pick: Pittsburgh. I'm sorry....i can't go against Crosby...even though i know the Caps deserve it just as much. Malkin will have a good outing too.

Anaheim Vs. Detroit: Now, this is interesting. But, i don't have to comment that much. Geeze, thanks for ruining my fun Red Wings! lol. Yea....ok, i honestly used to hate the Red Wings. I still do when they play Edmonton or Dallas. But, that's only because the players are...phenomenally gifted. To say the least. And, yea...Yzerman doesn't hurt much either. They retired his number cause he was just that damn good - and, still is behind the scenes. I don't hate the Red Wings or their history. I have much respect for an original 6 team. But...i can hate when ya play Canadian teams ;)

The Ducks....well, for me...they used to be the laughing stock of the league. I'm sorry....but, am i mistaken, or did Disney put a bunch of "Mighty Duck" movies out when they were entering the league? lol. Yea...Disney owns them. Well, at one point. That's just not right! Disney does not belong in sports....why they bought stake in ESPN is beyond me...and, to brand it with ABC sports? God...that's wrong on so many levels! lol.

Neither here nor there. Lately though - it's not true. Over the past 3 years, they've constantly been in the playoffs....and, made some good headway at it. So did Carolina when they beat the Oilers a few years back. Plus, the year before that...they won the cup because of the Niedermayer's. Yea, they showed why they're no longer a laughing stock. They've built a good team, Starting with Pronger (I won't get into the whole drama side why he left Edmonton)

Contenders? You got it!

Pick: Even though the Ducks will give the Wings a run for their money.....i've gotta go with the wings. They have strong lines and players. They're strong in the playoffs, and have a mindset of winning the cup again. Can the wings make it 2 years in a row? Well...we'll see when they move on!

I pick the wings in 4

Canucks Vs. Blackhawks: If you're looking for the "Flyers" Story of 2009...look no further than the Canucks. It took a little while for Sundin to settle in all nice and cozy after the trade to Vancouver. Most fans know Sundin from his days with the Leafs. But, once he got settled...he sure loved the twins! Not in that way you sick, sick...sickos :P lol. What can i say? He's a perfect fit in that line!

You can't escape the fact that Vancouver has it all in check right now. They're coming from a half decent season, riddled with some injuries of course...but, they've almost always triumphed. They didn't "Beat the odds"....not yet. Maybe soon...but, not yet.

I can honestly say i haven't seen much of the blackhawks. That's one of the teams i can't follow that often. But, i also know they have some decent players...but, maybe i should follow this series a little closely! I'd love to see more of the Blackhawks....i barely got a chance to this season.

Pick: I'm biased right now lol. I know they both have a chance though....but, i won't go into details! Maybe tonight after the game....i'll have my 2 cents lol.

Hope ya enjoyed the entry! And...get used to it! There's gonna be tons more of these sort of entries to come!