This was SUPPOSED to Air a few hours ago, but thanks to the hard drive failure awhile back and, me having to get everything back...mixed with hosting changing how they're doing things...made for an interesting night to say the least! However - nothing changed about the show! It's Can-EH-dian all the way!

And, if my Mutt ways don't shine through

Seriously, the music is off the wall tonight! Things you normally don't hear on the podcast - mixed with some stuff that ya do - it was fun to play around with stuff i normally don't get a chance to play, and i'm thinking about hosting shows now that go with my mood. So, some things will be permanent fixtures!

Some news about the Lilith Fair Cancellation dates have been included (Psst: You can also check the Facebook fan page for the link to the article. Brings it to 12 as of July 1.

Lastly - this is a little bit longer than some of you are used to. Where i normally only do a 2 hour show at max...this ran about 45 minutes longer. Which, isn't a bad thing!

Be warned: Some of this music is REALLY off the wall! Amanda Marshall, Sarah McLachlan, Feist, Stars..among many others have been included. Even a little bit of a surprise near the end of the show!

Will i give it away? I think not!


You can tune in with the Listen Now button up top – or, hopefully the player below will work! lmao.