So much to talk about, so little time! I've gotta get to bed early, cause i'm literally littered in appointments tomorrow. Well....1 doesn't classify as "littered", i suppose lol. I also have to do a walk-in with either my family doctor - or, the clinic tomorrow. It's just, this past 2 weeks, i've been hit - and, i've been hit hard.

Ya know that old saying "Things happen in 3's"? Well....Get this!

First - about 2 weeks ago....there was some kinda weird ass flu bug going around this city. Personally, i think somebody went on a cruise, forgot to wipe...and, then got off the boat and welcomed everyone. And, i wasn't the only one in this house to get it. That weekend, dad came home from his "weekend trip" (lol....that's subtle enough, isn't it?) - and, he came home to Kelly and I sick...and, he picked something up too!

I guess the good thing here would be....that we were all sick at the same bloody time.

I'm Just now done with it - all that's left is a little bit of sinus crap...and, some ooey-gooey phlegm that's like....thicker than owl snot hahaha.

That's phase 1. The 2nd thing to happen to me.....Tooth rot!!! Always a joy to have! And, ya know....i used to swear by Sensodyne....not anymore! In fact, i think it actually makes cavities. It doesn't help that for almost 2 years, i drank every day. Yea, i don't make it publicly known all the time that in 2006 through to early 2008, i went down a deep, dark road. I won't go into all the boring details. Cause, that's not what this podcast is about!

But - yea, i have a dentist appointment tomorrow....and, instead of getting the needle in the gum....i'm gonna ask for anesthesia. Hopefully, with the meds i'm on - they can do it. Cause, i don't need to be swollen for 2 hours, trying to talk to another doctor.

That's part 2. Get ready for the 3rd thing....the Tri-Fecta if you will :D

Woke up yesterday - and, i had a zit...or another freakin' cyst under my right arm - underneath the armpit. Not only that - but, i also woke up with one on my neck. Not as big...but, still hurts, and is giving me a little bit of a headache. sleep....don't even ask! This is getting ridiculous!

I either have the worst fucking luck.....or, God's getting ready to strike me down lol.

Let's get into the GOOD NEWS! cause, ironically, there is some. I just got back from another hard-drive failure. I lost track at how many times this is now. Mind ya, this was my doing this time...because i thought i could do the podcast in the comfort of Ubuntu. And, as much as i wanted to....the LTS just isn't quite all there yet. Problem after problem with repositories, certain software not working...the whole 9 yards.

So, when i came back into the Windows 7 world - i had a flash of genius. And, i pose this as a question to all of you.

How would you guys like to see a live, 24/7 Radio stream? As well as the podcast - but, included LIVE in the radio show, and archived into the feed?

I found a free stream host - and, they look really promising. If i get positive feedback, i will run with the idea, and test it out in the coming weeks with SAM3 and the ShoutCast streamer :D

On other news!

New music is coming in 3 weeks! From The Birthday Massacre with Pins and Needles. Also, The LoveCrave with Soul Saliva. The LoveCrave is awesome if ya love TBM or Lacuna Coil. They're an Italian female-fronted Gothic/Metal band - and, they have produced 2 albums with this new one. And, on the new CD, they cover Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ....omg! I have never heard it sound better than from the King of Pop himself - but, it's heavier and amazing!

Also, Elise Estrada has a new single out right now called "You're So Hollywood" which unfortunately, i don't have at this time. I haven't even heard the makes me cry! :(

Not to leave the other Estrada out - Emmalyn released a song called "Get Down" Which i was able to get my hands on.

For those of you who don't know, Emmalyn is the younger sister of Elise. And, they both are really talented...and, they're gonna match each other lyrically, vocally, and talent wise! They're both extremely talented (Not to mention just mind numbingly Gorgeous!) And, if i have to predict....Emmalyn will be releasing her CD along with Elise's Sophomore release!

When i know more, you'll know more!

Also, before i go - Toxic TuneZ Will be back the 3rd week of September! It's been a hectic summer here for me - minus the concert scene. Just haven't had the time, or the money....and, if i do have the money, i'm either sick - or recovering from computer failure's!

I Soooo need to get my Mac Pro!!!