Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, September 02, 2010 | , ,

So, i tried to create a 24/7 radio stream. But, due to confusions - and, me not working with that crap for well over 6 years now....i gave up! lol.

Not really a lot to talk about right now. I'm still recovering from the dentist. I'm on my last day of Amoxil - thank God! And, also recovering from a hangover. Trust me, it was worse yesterday, and the coffee wasn't helping!

I can't remember if i let ya guys know when the podcast will be back. Why can't I remember that? lol. Well, if i didn't - or, i did, i have decided that October 1 will be the Official comeback. I feel that's a better date, as i will have my bigger hard-drive, as i couldn't afford it this month. And, i'll also have everything back and working!

Not just that, but some new releases are in the works - and, if i come back near the end of September, we'll miss one week of new releases!

So, October 1 will be the comeback - and, i'll have a ton of new music - from Combichrist, The Birthday Massacre....and, a ton more punk that i was able to get back last week! :D

With all that said....i dunno what else to say. iTunes 10 launched yesterday with their social music thing called Ping! It's supposed to be a "MySpace Killer" - but, i played with it lastnight....and, not nearly enough of my friends are using it. And, the features that Apple want to associate with it - won't be put in until a later date. So, that being said....there are just a few artists right now (Like Lady GaGa, U2 and Linkin Park) that I've noticed using it.

Until all artists are using it, and it's fully customizable - i don't sense many people will be jumping on the Ping bandwagon.

Let's hope it's soon though! And, i would really love it if Podcasters were able to use the service too - and, if they do give podcasters something to toy with in there, i wonder what they'd include...and, if it would be worth it. Seriously....that could also be a twitter killer! :D lol