Just because the podcast has been on Hiatus, Don't Think for one minute that music hasn't been being continuously added. And, since right now i'm not monitoring the "Old" Twitter account (Because i've actually screwed up a couple of times trying to update the personal one - and, then it accidentally goes to the personal one LOL.) I'm gonna do an automatic update here for music that's been added in the past few weeks, and give ya some links to where ya can buy them!

Panic! At The Disco: Vices & Virtues:


Yea, wow - they added the ! back into their name. LOL. Indecisive? I think so!

Britney Spears: Femme Fatale


Avril Lavigne: Goodbye Lullaby:

Goodbye Lullaby - Avril Lavigne

MadChild: Banned From America EP:

Banned from America - EP - Madchild

TRUSTCompany: Dreaming In Black And White (Deluxe Version):

Dreaming In Black and White (Deluxe Edition) - Trust Company

Forever The Sickest Kids: Forever The Sickest Kids:

Forever the Sickest Kids - Forever the Sickest Kids