Things will be back to normal ASAP!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, January 19, 2012

So, i joined the site blackout yesterday - kinda late. However, the javascript and other stuff, wouldn't work properly on the Blogger platform.

I will be re-adding the label links tonight, as well as some other stuff that was removed after i re-uploaded the default layout.

There's STILL a bunch of stuff to do to SHELVE SOPA/PIPA for GOOD! And, we have until the 24th of this month to contact everyone you can...your senators, people in charge...everybody! There were websites of Senators taken offline due to this yesterday - just because everything blew up. Not to mention the phone lines being jammed up. But, there's still a lot to do!

This podcast - along with the numerous others - are ALL IN RISK if these bills pass. We all saw what the blackout did yesterday. Well, think of that as being constant. If i say something wrong, i can be taken off. If i play something that i have the right to play - but, seen otherwise (Think: Youtube) - i could be taken down. I don't know about a court proceeding being that i am in Canada - however, that reality is now becoming...true.

This doesn't just affect Podcasters - this also affects independent news resources that aren't run by NBC, CBS, ABC...and, the worst of the worst....Fox - not to mention others.

Infowars will be taken down. The Drudge Report, Reddit - Wikipedia...Anything that's Free and Open, the FSF (Free Software Foundation) - Linux as we know it - whatever "Flavour" you use. Microsoft and Apple will become the ONLY "Big players".

We all know that Google - as of today - has now implemented SOPA like searches. I've tried this. All you have to do is go to - go to the news section...and, type in something like "Google censoring searches" - or, anything on - NOTHING! 

And, i'm seriously beginning to think that i will be censored. If not now, in the future.

This is what you can STILL DO!!!