We are LIVE!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, September 08, 2012

Looking for the podcast? Well - as of right now, the podcast is on Hiatus - HOWEVER.....i did create a radio station just for you! With MORE variety, MORE Artists, and not just limited to what i was playing before!

Ready for it?!?!


  1. <iframe src="http://player.cheapeststream.com/_players/cheapeststream/?callsign=SAM01AAC211"
  2. width="340"
  3. height="270"
  4. scrolling="no"
  5. frameborder="0"
  6. marginheight="0"
  7. marginwidth="0"
  8. allowtransparency="true" 
  9. title="The iframe flash player display."/>     
  10. </center>

ORRR - Click here to listen in your media player of choice!



Hope you guys enjoy (And, that it's running properly - that you guys can hear sound and everything) - And, when things get bigger - More variety will make it's way!