New Adds: January 16, 2009

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, January 15, 2009 |

It's now 2009, and it's hard to imagine that this will be the first new add of music to the podcast for the new year! Thought i woulda had a new add the first week of the new year....but, that didn't happen. And, i do say "New" loosely - nothing really new and major til the last week of this month. Also hard to imagine. With new releases coming up from Franz Ferdinand and Hoobastank (Both of who are on the podcast) - even the WWE has a new compilation CD coming up! The first month of '09 sucks for releases....but, that'll change in February when the labels seem to return to life!

Without further is the list of current new adds - all the stuff i've recieved in the last 2 weeks from bands and labels!

  1. Acronycal
  2. Bedouin Soundclash (Re-added because they are NOT associated with Warner Music Canada)
  3. Bo Burnham
  4. Cinema Bizarre
  5. Elise Estrada
  6. Fall Out Boy's new CD, "Folie à Deux"
  7. The Feeling
  8. Forty Foot Echo
  9. Franz Ferdinand newest CD "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand"
  10. Ghostland Observatory
  11. The Kooks
  12. Midtown
  13. This Providence
Also....there will be a review posted sometime....tomorrow (I'm hoping) - for Elise Estrada's Self-Titled CD! She's also now in the links under "Bands", be sure to check her out!