Guess Who's BACK!?!?

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, December 25, 2010 | ,

It's OFFICIAL!!!! I'm now back up and running 100%!!!! Let me make ya guys aware of some certain changes in my life that...doesn't really affect much. Unless you're a band, and you're sending me (Or in the process of sending me) promo packages!

I guess the BIGGEST change for me is that.....i'm out on my own now! Yes, it feels kind of weird to be on my own - not answering to anybody or anything....other than my Cats LOL. It does feel freaking good though, as some of you know the drama that i went through for almost 2 years. There's only so much one person can take before they cut the cord. And, finding this house was kind of like a Godsend...even though i'm Agnostic :)

Secondly - the podcast will be in full swing again in 2011! I do hope to make it a little more professional, so my arrival date is yet to be confirmed. Most likely, will be the first week of February! Just because i need a new freakin' headset, and i'm not cheaping out...even though i don't really have the money....i found a set, and hope to set aside some money for it when i get paid in January.

Lastly - I'm as broke as a MoFo LMAO - so, to say the podcast is on a "tight budget" is putting it lightly lol. Though, for the past 5 years - i have worked at making this free. Everything from the hosting of the blog, right down to the hosting of the audio files and Podcast done for free. I do have plans on expanding the podcast in the near future, but, as it stands right now...on a budget of $994 a month....does not go far when I now have to worry about rent (Which i pay $52 extra what they give me), Utilities, and of course, the internet/phone/TV through Telus. Not to mention a food budget.

I've never really had to worry much about things, other than paying Telus and my food. Now...i have to be on a freakin' budget! it kinda blows! lol.

In January, i WILL BE looking into getting my damn grade 12. Because, ya can't get anywhere these days without it. And, then from there...i do hope to pick up a i can get off the damn system, and back into a work atmosphere. I've already overcome 1 hurdle....just...2 or 3 more to go to really jack up my spirits!

I do wanna take this time to thank ALL OF MY LISTENERS AND SUBSCRIBERS not to mention the BANDS AND ARTISTS and LABELS that are still with me, supporting me through everything that i've done up to this point! I do hope that you'll bare with me through the new year - and, hope that the podcast remains #1 for Canadian and independent music throughout the duration of it's life (Which seriously, i'm NOT gonna be ending anytime soon :)

I will be updating the contact information on the "Submit a band" page - because, certain things have changed (Like, the email address used to contact me.) Not to mention my address that you can send stuff to....which, shouldn't be on that page anyways, and that's how it'll stay. I'll let the artists and labels know personally through email on how to send promo stuff to me directly!

So, thanks again guys! And, trust me...2011 is gonna be a BIG HUGE YEAR for Toxic! :D