Try to ignore the mess!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, February 21, 2011

So, I've officially moved now - though, the site right now is about....60% done I would say! And, not a shabby job I might add! I still have some tinkering around to do - but, all in's damn near done! There are quite a few things to go through though before the podcast is fully up and running again - so, let's go through this right now!
First off, the podcast feed IS WORKING AGAIN! It took a little bit of digging around, because apparently, decided it would be FUN to fuck around with everyone's damn files. What they had done was moved to another server or something - and, 2 of the shows were "Lost" So, i had to search for my damn podcast on the site - and, copy the URL of the MP3 files, and adjust the feed details!


I say that like they're really gonna notice and take precautions next time.

Secondly: The podcast is slated for a return of around April. It could be sooner, but I'm just not sure yet. Mainly because, if you didn't know - I moved out of my parents' house, and now...I'm on my own, and all alone (Look! I rhyme! lmao) Along with that comes the stupid responsibilities of paying bills, making sure i eat....etc. etc. Timing could not have been worse, because i need to replace the old headset....and, of course, my coffee machine would have to be on it's last leg. Go figure.

Since the return won't be anywhere near this month or next - i did have an idea.

What's your brilliant idea there, Chris? I hear some of you asking 

Simple! I was thinking about taking you on a journey. A journey through 5 years of my shows! Even though most of them are gone *CRIES* - some of them are still around! So, what i was thinking about doing was to post an older show every week until i get back!

Gotta be warned though: Some of them can get pretty scary! Hell, I can't even listen to 'em! LOL.

If you wanna see that though, feel free to go ahead and leave your comments in my new comments area!

Which reminds me....i was gonna say that off the top of the post, but....i just now remembered it. My comment system is handled through DISQUS. Which is pretty fuckin' cool if you ask me! If you've used it, you're familiar with it - which is good! For those of you who aren' can basically sign in with whatever service is available (Twitter, Facebook...etc.) - and, leave your comments that way!

Hopefully with this service, it will eliminate all the spammers and shit...and, we can actually get some really good convo's going, and the place up!

Lastly: The podcast has gone through a bit of an "Overhaul" again. Nothing too drastic, don't worry about it! But, i do want to fill ya in on a few of the changes!

First, the podcast STILL revolves around Canadian and Independent music - but, now...i serve it up with a twist! I have finally added just a touch of "mainstream" to liven it up a little, and also added a bit of country music to the mix as well (Cause, seriously...where would Alberta be if it wasn't for country? lol)

Nothing else has been touched! We're still a multi-genre podcast....but, with FLAVOUR this time! So, it will be nice to see and come back to!

As for the podcast blog - well, it will be very active again once i get the design and stuff down 100%. Cause, it still looks a little messy to me, and there's still some things that i wanna add and move around. So, i'm hoping that by the end of this week - things will become active again, and tah-dah!

When that happens - and, the news starts to'll get an idea of what music has been added :)

Anyways....that's it for me! I've been at this since 12pm (So, officially 9 hours now) - so, i think my eyes need a break! I got some pages to add to the top tabs after a, yea! lol.

BE WARNED!!! The next few days will have updates out the ASS! lol. Mainly on what's been done to the site, and what's been added.

So, if you don't wanna miss updates - you can follow me on Twitter - or, you can become a fan of the podcast on facebook. The links are all over there on the right under sociable....or, however the hell i spelled it LMAO!

Ohhh....and, one of the feed things is down up on the top. If you run your mouse over where the RSS icons are (Green and blue ones) - one of them says something like "YOUR-FEED-ID-HERE" I'll have that fixed LATER!