Britney Spears' new video from her newly anticipated album "Femme Fatale" debuted a couple of days ago - and, MTV - both in Canada, and the U.S were flooded online! actually went through a bit of a snag in trying to get the video up and running - and, when they did....did the site ever explode! But, since i can't post anything from MTV's website to here - i have to wait til the Official channels on Youtube push the video out!

I know you guys have been DYING to know what kind of "Mainstream" music i have added to the podcast. Well, this is one of the artists that have been added! Britney Spears! She started following me on Twitter sometime before Valentine's day this year (For reasons, i dunno lol) - But, i have added her to my rotation! So, without further Ado - here is the Brand Spankin' New Video from Ms. Spears!

Make sure to be on the lookout in the near future for how you can get your hands on the album when it comes out next month!

You can get the single from iTunes here: Hold It Against Me - Hold It Against Me - Single